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Saturday, 4 June 2011

So hot..

Ugh, it's past midnight yet my room is still boiling, curse you summer, why must you do this to me. It's bad enough I can't go outside because the sun is too bright..


  1. your lucky where i live we barely ever get any nice days it always rains. So when its hot we just enjoy it.

  2. So it is after midnight but you can't go outside cause the sun is too bright? Damn.

    Hehe just joking, I get what you meant :)

  3. I know a fan doesn't blow cold air, but it does blow.

    Get a fan? I'm sure you can even go to the dollar store and even buy a hand-held fan! xD

  4. I know how you feel, I'm one of those people who is so white I can get a sunburn from the moon. xD

  5. It's so hard for me to get to sleep when it's hot.

  6. Ahhh, it's boiling here as well! Can't stand it!