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Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Dieting is hard worked.. Mainly resisting the temptation to snack, or add "just a bit more" to your food.
I'm currently on a diet restricting me to about 1400kCals a day and currently hasn't been going too bad, I've been doing well to resist the temptations of snacking for the most parts, only problem is meals, I'm not very creative and even more picky about food, which means there's not too many types of food I can make.
I've also been trying to drink a lot more water, which hasn't been too bad.

Hopefully I can keep this up and lose at least a bit of weight for my efforts.

Anyone know of any healthy and easy to make meals for someone who's picky about most things?


  1. I wish I had food advice: I just don't cook. I get super low calorie frozen meals, cause they're easy to make (3 minutes in the microwave? yes please). I would suggest trying different spices, perhaps?
    But good luck! I'm on my own's super hard to diet. Kudos!

  2. Don't have a clue for easy to make meals, sorry. But i stay fit and healthy, all that i drink is water. Got to say it helps so much and after awhile it's not tedious and boring

  3. I would recommend trying a high protein slow carb diet. Eat 30 g protein within 30 minutes of waking. Still eat the recommended amount of carbs, but make it all slow-carbs (no rice or bread or pasta or things with flour, but whole beans/legumes which have lots of the slowest carbs around.) I'll be posting my exact diet at and it's the only thing that's helped me lose weight for good

    Good luck!

  4. Do some research on how to do CARDIO if you want to lose weight, seriously, worked well for me.

  5. running is a good idea when dieting however its not the only thing that should be done. Running in combination with weight lifting would be a killer combo however. Plus on top of that you can add protein shakes that are low in kCals.

  6. Different people respond to food differently. There's actually a paper in Nature (less than a month ago) showing that there are 3 distinct communities of bacterial species living in all our guts. As in, you have one of these three communities. I might have a different one of the three. Anyway, point being that those communities differentially digest macronutrients. Only one of the three digests carbs slowly, the other two make people prone to things like diabetes and 'carb-sensitivity'.