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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Mono-black Infect

This is a mono-black infect standard legal deck I made;

20 Swamp

4 Flensermite
2 Flesh-Eater Imp
2 Hand of the Praetors
4 Plague Stinger
3 Septic Rats
2 Ichor Rats
2 Contagious Nim

Other spells:
4 Vampire's Bite
4 Virulent Swipe
4 Demonic Appetite
4 Unholy Strength
2 Dismember
4 Tainted Strike or 4 Mutagenic Growth

The Tainted Strikes can be replaced with Mutagenic Growth to make it more effective but no longer mono-black.
The main plan is to just summon creatures quickly then attack with them, when one gets though throw any instant cards you have on it to buff it.
The fastest it can do is turn 3, generally using Plague Stinger with 3 Vampire's Bites to make it a 10/10 flying infect.

This deck won't really work well in games that drag on too long, also may have problems with weenie decks due to very little removal, but as long as you can get in there quick enough it's a fast and silly deck.

I was dissapointed at the lack of black buff cards in NPH though, and hope that M12 will introduce some new ones or at least reprint the good ones since a few cards no longer be standard legal once M12 is released.

Got any thoughts or questions? Post in the comments.


  1. I say Barry Bonds would probably be a good card to add to that deck. =P

  2. excuse my ignorance, is that a magic card deck?
    its been a long time since i heard about the gathering.

  3. I thought you lost me with the terminology from the last post, but I'm even more confused with this one.
    I personally haven't seen anyone play MTG (Perhaps I need to get out more), I've actually seen people play yu-gi-oh still though. Must be still a niche for these card games.

  4. Thats quite the deck you built there!

  5. I stopped playing MTG a while back but I might start up again

  6. Wow, a chick playing Magic The Gathering


  7. I cant wait for m12 itll be so cool :)

  8. pretty well built fun-deck

  9. I think I might start playing MTG soon. More posts like this would be appreciated.

  10. looks like a really potent deack. You wouldn't want to come up against a well played stall deck

  11. I'd personally chuck in a couple of ichorclaw myrs. They're nice for the +2/+2 if blocked. Also the deck suffers from a lack of trample =s.

  12. very nice. haven't played in a long time but very informative

  13. gotta love mono-black! :P followed

  14. sticking to mono black sounds a bit limited though.