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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Arcana Heart 3

I ordered Arcana Heart 3 about a week ago and have been playing it quite a lot the past few days (granted I've just been practicing combos >.> ).

It's quite a fun fighting game and though it took a while to understand most of it, I've found it quite easy to play even though I'm not that great at fighting games.

Currently playing two characters, one Weiss ( or WeiƟ) who I find quite chargy, running towards the enemy then starting a chain of combos and Nazuna who has nice ranged attacks and an adorable super ( )

I'm tempted to get myself an arcade stick to play with, though they can be quite expensive, but considering all I seem to play is fighting and bullet hell games getting one might not be a bad idea.

Sunday, 21 August 2011


It's starting to seem my computer problems are due to my mother board, tried running my computer without my main graphics card but I still had problems, reinstalled my drivers after putting my main graphics card but still had problems..
Can't be a PSU issue, 850W is quite a bit.. Sigh, guess I'll be making some phone calls after the weekend.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Graphics Card Problems

I've been having problems with my graphics card, mainly every once in a while the driver would stop responding and restart, at first I considered it was a driver problem, but after using 3 different drivers and still having the problem it seemed obvious it wasn't a drivers problem.

After a bit of searching I came across a post which pretty much explained my problem, and the possible reasons.
One of them is RAM issues, so I ran some memory tests and.. It returned an error, after testing all my RAM sticks one at a time I found out one of them is faulty, so faulty the computer won't boot up if it's the only one in..
That's been sent back to get replaced and with it I thought my problems were finally solved, nope, still crashes.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Ding 20

Today was my 20th birthday, though nothing was really different except my facebook page getting more posts than normal, went to a Chinese buffet for lunch which was quite nice, and filling, though now it's time to go back to what I've been doing for the past week, playing FFXIV whilst watching the Nostalgia Critic.

Monday, 8 August 2011


I bought FFXIV the day it came out, as well as getting the collectors edition, but sadly my computer at the time couldn't handle it and the game lagged terribly.

A few days ago I'd remembered it's still free, and with nothing else to do and a better computer I decided to reinstall it and give it a go. The patcher was a bit bugged but I managed to fix that and then got onto making a new character. Selected a starting area different to the one I first tried then went on my way, certain parts of the game took a while to get used to such as finding out I had to activate Leviquests before starting them.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Summer's boring

Most of the people I know have gone home over the summer or started working, so for most of the time I'm in my room on the internet. No new games to play at the moment and I don't quite feel like playing WoW again, also can't be bothered to do some programming which would probably be useful.

It's strange because before uni summer was all "Yeah~ Summer~ No more school for 1-2 months, freedom~", but now that summer for me is about.. 4 months long, it gets boring quite quickly, and the student union isn't opened so I can't go and sit in there to meet up with people.

At least a few societies are still running over summer so 3 times a week I can go watch stuff with others for 3 hours, then generally head to the pub for food.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Uni results

I got my results for my second year of Uni today, and I passed~
Now I can move onto the third year where I have to work even harder if I want to at least get a 2:1, though here's aiming for a First!