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Monday, 8 August 2011


I bought FFXIV the day it came out, as well as getting the collectors edition, but sadly my computer at the time couldn't handle it and the game lagged terribly.

A few days ago I'd remembered it's still free, and with nothing else to do and a better computer I decided to reinstall it and give it a go. The patcher was a bit bugged but I managed to fix that and then got onto making a new character. Selected a starting area different to the one I first tried then went on my way, certain parts of the game took a while to get used to such as finding out I had to activate Leviquests before starting them.
After a while of playing I found out some friends of mine were on another server, so I made an alt (which would normally cost extra, but as long as the game is free so are alts) and hopped on their server, again selecting another starting area.
I made an Archer this time, my first character was a Conjurer and second a Pugilist turns out my friends needed an Archer as well so it worked out fine.

I really like the class system in this, depending on what equipment you have in your main hand you change class, if you have a bow you're an Archer and if you have a lance your a Lancer and there's a reason to level multiple classes, when a class reaches a certain rank you get skills you can use, most of those skills can also be used with other classes, so if say there's a Lancer skill which I like, I can use it on my Archer.

Crafting however is a bit... In most MMORPGs you'd say, want to make a shirt, so you get some cloth and some thread, bam shirt. In FFXIV it's different, if you want to make a shirt you need to make different parts of it, like the back of the shirt, the front, sleves, shoulders, etc and then put it all together to make a shirt. Crafting at times also seems to hate me, though I feel that just may be the RNG angry at me.

As for gathering, gathering seems to be a mini game of hot and cold. You're giving a gauge and have to click on it to make a point stop, then depending on where the point stopped it will tell you how close you are to getting the item, such as saying "You're getting further from the mark" and so forth and there's a remainder gauge that goes down with each attempt. If your remained gauge runs out but you were close to the item, it tells you what item you would of gotten but says you damaged it with your attempt.

In all, despite all that's been said for this, it isn't too bad and I've fairly enjoyed myself, it's a great improvement to FFXI but if your computer can't handle it causing lag it probably won't be very enjoyable.
My character is really short.


  1. Wow, that is a really detailed crafting system.
    I thought FFXIV was almost dead though?

  2. It seems to still be alive, plus I have a few IRL friends the play so I have people to party with.