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Friday, 19 August 2011

Graphics Card Problems

I've been having problems with my graphics card, mainly every once in a while the driver would stop responding and restart, at first I considered it was a driver problem, but after using 3 different drivers and still having the problem it seemed obvious it wasn't a drivers problem.

After a bit of searching I came across a post which pretty much explained my problem, and the possible reasons.
One of them is RAM issues, so I ran some memory tests and.. It returned an error, after testing all my RAM sticks one at a time I found out one of them is faulty, so faulty the computer won't boot up if it's the only one in..
That's been sent back to get replaced and with it I thought my problems were finally solved, nope, still crashes.

So I tried thinking what else it could be and went back to the post, PSU issues, couldn't think it would be, I have a fairly decent PSU (850W) but I checked anyway, made sure the cables were in correctly and made sure the graphics card was in correctly, turns out the graphics card was ever so slightly popped out, no idea how that happened but I plugged it back in completely and.. Still having problems.

Then the other day I got a BSOD (only the second one I've had, it either successfully restarts the drivers or the computer just freezes) but noticed my third monitor was fine where as my second was showing the BSOD and the first was blank. So I thought maybe it's the graphics card, so my current plan is to remove my main graphics card and see if it crashes, if not, the graphics card is faulty and it needs to be replaced, but if it does still crash..

There's only a few more things I could think are causing a problem, and each one is harder to test and going to be a pain to replace, the problem if it isn't with the graphics card is either with the motherboard, CPU or hard drive, or even the case, I have a bad case.

It may be my hard drive, if for some reason it crashes trying to read data off it, I originally bought it as a replacement for one that suddenly died, problem, it was a SATA hard drive, the computer could only use ATA ones, so I had to get a converter and use a jumper thing to get the hard drive to work, now I've removed the jumper thing but didn't really reformat the hard drive (it had all my old stuff and games on it), so I wonder if that's causing a problem at times...

I have no idea how to test if it's the motherboard, I guess I'll try the graphics card in another slot and see if it crashes still, then I'll know if it's just a problem with that one slot.. Then wonder if I can be bothered to get it replaced, sure it's faulty, but it'd be so much effort and I'd be without a computer for weeks maybe (though I have two laptops to use).

It may be the case if something starts over heating, my computer already gets hot at times (around 60-70C idle), I have a small fan blowing on the case on the side (it gets really hot from the graphics card) and the graphics card's fan is at a constant 100%. The case has a fan at the front, I have no idea if it's moving or not, I'm sure I've connected it...
Also the case was meant to have the PSU slot at the bottom of it, I thought that was kind of cool, wasn't the case, curse you pictures!

Final problem might be the CPU, I can't think why, there was no complications when I was putting it in, at least none that I know of..
Hopefully it'll get resolved soon and I'll be able to play games with out random driver crashes, some times it's fine, I can play games for hours without a problem, but other times I either get random lag spikes or constant slow down leading to either a driver reset, or the computer freezing..
I also sometimes get the graphics card stop updating and everything seems frozen, but the mouse still moves oddly and I'm able to click on things...

1 comment:

  1. Ya, that is really bad, 60-70 c on idle?

    I still get random graphic driver crashes, no idea what the problem is, but I'm too lazy to fix it. (I've gone through 3 RMAs, and over 10 old drivers.)