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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Summer's boring

Most of the people I know have gone home over the summer or started working, so for most of the time I'm in my room on the internet. No new games to play at the moment and I don't quite feel like playing WoW again, also can't be bothered to do some programming which would probably be useful.

It's strange because before uni summer was all "Yeah~ Summer~ No more school for 1-2 months, freedom~", but now that summer for me is about.. 4 months long, it gets boring quite quickly, and the student union isn't opened so I can't go and sit in there to meet up with people.

At least a few societies are still running over summer so 3 times a week I can go watch stuff with others for 3 hours, then generally head to the pub for food.


  1. I know that feeling as I'm just trying my best to kill time. I might plan a roadtrip to the States with some friends.

  2. None of the latest and greatest games come out til later in the year, unfortunately.
    I suppose you could always catch up on getting some exercise? Hehe.
    Tech Me